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The U.S. Consulate General in Rio de Janeiro

U.S. Consulate General in Rio de Janeiro

The Consulate General of the United States of America in Rio de Janeiro was established in November, 1971, when the Embassy was transferred to Brasília. Headed by a Consul General, the office is responsible for a broad range of consular and commercial functions and for coordination of United States Government activities in its Consular District, which covers the states of Rio de Janeiro, Espírito Santo and Bahia. The Consular Section has also consular jurisdiction over this region in Brazil, (including Minas Gerais for American Citizen Services related issues). However, most applicants can now apply for a non-immigrant visa at any Consulate or the Embassy in Brazil, regardless of where they live in the Country. All Immigrant Visa cases and interviews in Brazil are conducted only at the Immigrant Visa Unit in the Consulate in Rio de Janeiro.

Please consult the web pages with specific information on immigrant and non-immigrant visa applications. Many of its services, as described below, are of interest to U.S. citizens living in or visiting Rio or other parts of the Consular District. The Consulate General also houses offices of the Public Affairs Section, responsible for a wide range of cultural exchanges and information programs in the 5 States of the District. Besides the Department of State, other U.S. Government agencies having offices in Rio Consulate General include the Department of Defense, and the Library of Congress. The Consulate General occupies a building in the center of the city overlooking Guanabara Bay. The building was constructed in 1952 as the United States Embassy Chancery.

What About Emergencies?

For emergencies outside office hours or during weekends and holidays, the U.S. Marine on duty can be reached by calling the Consulate General (3823-2000). If he cannot resolve your problem, he will ask the Duty Officer to contact you.

Is there anything else the Consulate can do?

The variety of services offered by a Consulate is extensive. The Consulate General can tell you which services may exist to meet a specific need. A telephone call can usually provide the answer. Some examples of things a Consulate CANNOT do: Demand that an American be released from jail, perform marriage ceremonies, offer legal advice or translation services, or provide postal services. Often, however, useful advice can be given on these and other matters.

Non-official programs for Americans

Community organizations in Rio de Janeiro include the American Society, the American Chamber of Commerce, the American Club, the American School, and churches of different denominations where English is spoken: Our Lady of Mercy; Anglican Church. The Instituto Brasil-Estados Unidos (IBEU) is a privately sponsored binational Institute with six branches. Its principal office is at Avenida Copacabana, 690. While primarily providing English language instruction, it also sponsors cultural programs and offers courses in Portuguese language and Brazilian culture.


Important Notices

  • Note: The Consulate will always be closed on Brazilian and American holidays. In addition, the Consular Section is occasionally closed for administrative purposes. 

  • The History of the U.S. Consulate Building
    The U.S. Consulate General in Rio is housed in the same building that was once the U.S. Embassy, before the Brazilian capital moved from Rio de Janeiro to Brasília. The 13-story building, constructed in 1952. More...

Important Notices