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U.S. Embassy and consulates to change visa application process beginning on April 30th

These new service centers in Brazilian cities add convenience to the visa application process Brasília, April 19, 2012 – Beginning on April 30, 2012, the U.S. Diplomatic Mission to Brazil will be changing the visa application process.  

A new call center and website will be launched on April 30, 2012. Applicants can obtain visa information and schedule appointments on the new website. The following week, on May 7, 2012, the U.S. Diplomatic Mission to Brazil will open Applicant Service Centers (ASC) in Brasília, Belo Horizonte, Recife, Rio de Janeiro, and São Paulo. These centers will collect biometric data of visa applicants before they go to the Embassy or one of the Consulates in Brazil. The new process will be less expensive and faster, and the ASC’s will have extended weekday hours and be open on Sunday. We expect that these new centers will help support our commitment to meeting the high demand for visas by reducing wait times and providing more convenience for applicants. 

Currently, every applicant for a non-immigrant visa pays 38.00 reais to schedule an interview plus US$ 160.00 for the MRV fee, and as much as 40.00 reais for the delivery of the passport with visa. After April 30, applicants for non-immigrant visas will pay only one fee of US$ 160 for all of these services, resulting in an overall savings for the applicant.


On April 30, all applicants who have already scheduled an appointment will receive an email with information on the steps they should follow. If this email is not received, please visit the new website for contact information:  Please note this website will not be live until April 30. 

Beginning April 30, applicants will follow this easy new process:

Step 1: Complete the DS-160 online application form.

Step 2: Pay the visa application fee (MRV fee).  This can be done by credit card through our appointment website, by telephone,in cash at any Citibank branch, or through a bank boleto. There will no longer be a separate appointment-scheduling fee or a separate courier fee.

Step 3: Schedule your interview and ASC appointment(s) through the web site or by calling the call center. 

Step 4: Attend your ASC appointment to have your biometric information (photo and fingerprints) collected. Applicants will need to present a valid passport and DS-160 confirmation page. Applicants age 66 and over and minors 15 years old and younger do not require fingerprint collection at the ASC so they, or their representative, should deliver a 5x7cm photograph that meets Department of State Photo Standards.

Step 5: Attend your interview appointment, if required, at the Embassy or Consulates. 

Applicants will need to present a valid passport and the DS-160 bar code sheet; and, lastly

Step 6: Applicants who qualify for visas will receive the passport with visa through home delivery or will be able to collect their passports at a pre-designated pick-up location. 

The Applicant Service Centers demonstrate our commitment to improve our systems, processes and resources to provide the most effective consular services to Brazilians.

More information about this new non-immigrant visa program can be found at:

Until this new system goes into effect beginning April 30, 2012, applicants must continue using the current system to schedule interviews. The telephone number and address of the new sites will be available on the website of the U.S. Diplomatic Mission to Brazil before the launch.