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Library of Congress

The U.S. Library of Congress Office

The U.S. Library of Congress, Washington, DC

General Information

The Library of Congress Office, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, is one of six overseas offices administered by the African/Asian Acquisitions and Overseas Operations Division of the Library. These offices acquire, catalog, preserve and distribute library and research materials from countries where such materials are essentially unavailable through conventional acquisitions methods.


The office in Rio de Janeiro collects materials from the South American countries of Brazil, Uruguay, Suriname, Guyana and the French overseas Department of Guiana. The office´s mission is to enrich the research collections of the Library of Congress with the wealth of bibliographic production from these countries.


The Rio de Janeiro office opened its doors in 1966 as a National Program for Acquisitions and Cataloging office serving the Library of Congress for Brazilian publications. Responsibility for Uruguay was added in 1986, a cooperative program for serials was initiated in 1990, and coverage for Suriname, Guyana and French Guiana was added in 1997.


Publications acquired include books, newspapers, journals, pamphlets, cordel literature, compact discs, maps, posters, musical scores and more. Many publications are purchased by the office, but slightly more than one-half are acquired via exchange from approximately 600 exchange partners.


Cooperative Acquisitions Program

In 1990, the Library of Congress established the Cooperative Acquisitions Program in the Rio Office to acquire Brazilian serials for participating libraries.  This Brazil-based service offers subscriptions and claiming services for some 265 serial titles – scholarly journals, newspapers and magazines – in the areas of political science, social sciences, language, literature, business administration, education, science, history, culture and law.

Journals offered in the program are carefully selected.  Among the criteria used are research value, availability, reliability and timeless.  For a complete listing of journals available refer to the subsection “Serials Available” under the “Rio de Janeiro Lists” section of the website.

In 1998, the office begin offering a selection of music compact discs. Types of music covered include popular Brazilian music, folk (Indian, caipira, etc.) and classical.  For a set price LC/Rio will ship a selection of 10 to 45 Cds once per year.

Brazil`s Popular Groups
Microfilm Collection from the Library of Congress

The Rio Office has actively collected pamphlets, serials and posters issued by a variety of Brazilian organizations and groups for microfilming.  This selective collection renders accessible a abody of primary materials, mostly non-commercially produced and difficult to acquire, which is fundamental to the study of grassroots political and social movements in Brazil.  The documentation includes newsletters, house organs, reports, collections of clippings, brochures, resolutions of congreses, educational manuals, independent news services, catalogs of publications and handouts.  Geographically, all regions of Brazil are represented in the collection.

The collection is arranged by subject, in broad topical groups including:


  • Agrarian Reform and Land Issues
  • Children and Youth
  • Education and Communication
  • Ethnic Groups: Blacks, Indians and Others
  • Environment and Ecology
  • Homossexual and Bisexual
  • Human and Civil Rights
  • Labor and Laboring Classes
  • Political Parties and Issues
  • Religious Organizations, Ecumenical Groups and Movements
  • Urban Activism
  • Women and Feminists

Brazil´s Popular Groups: 1966-1986 was conceived as a means of documenting popular movements that came with the end of Brazilian military rule and the inauguration of Brazil´s New Republic in 1985.  The 20 year retrospective collection is followed by supplements for 1987-1989, 1990-1992 and annually thereafter.

The Mission of the Library of Congress

The Library´s mission is to make its resources available and useful to the Congress and the American people and to sustain and preserve a universal collection of knowledge and creativity for future generations.
James H. Billington, Librarian of Congress

Exchange Program

The exchange program has been an integral facet of the acquisitions operations since the opening of the office.  The program is vital to the inflow of new materials and ensures receipt of materials that may not otherwise be acquired. Currently there are exchange agreements with more than 500 Brazilian, Uruguayan, Surinamese, and Guyanese research institutions, government agencies, universities and public libraries.

The Rio Office compiles bi-monthly exchange lists of materials offered including duplicate or out-of scope materials, reference books, Braziliana, magazines and selected Spanish-language titles and circulates the lists to exchange partners.  The exchange is maintained on a piedce-per-piece basis and a balance of trade is kept with each institution.

How to Contact us

  • How to contact the Rio de Janeiro Office:

    From the U.S. And Other Countries:
    Mail to:

    Library of Congress Office, Rio de Janeiro
    AmConGen-Rio Unit 3501
    APO, AA 34030 USA

    (55-21) 3823-2000 ext. 2320
    (55-21) 2524-0976


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