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U.S. Consulate News & Activities

Consul Mark Pannell Appears on Mais Você TV Show, Hosted by Ana Maria Braga

Rio de Janeiro, December 7, 2011

Public Affairs Officer at the U.S. Consulate General in Rio de Janeiro, Consul Mark Pannell appeared today, December 7, on the Mais Você TV show at Globo TV. He talked to the show’s host, Ana Maria Braga, about the large number of Brazilians travelling to the US. Consul Pannell also mentioned the efforts made by the U.S. Embassy in Brasilia, as well as the Consulates in Rio, São Paulo and Recife to reduce the waiting time for Brazilians who are applying for a U.S. visa. And there is some good news! More people have been hired to interview the Brazilian applicants, more consular officer positions are being established, the number of daily interviews has increased significantly, and the approval rate for Brazilians is 95%. In addition to that, there are several visa programs whose objectives are to facilitate and streamline the visa process. Do you know that in some cases, the applicant doesn’t event need to come to a U.S. Consulate? Check out Consul Mark Pannell’s interview at Mais Você

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In addition to the interview on visas and travel to the US, Consul Mark Pannell also taught host Ana Maria Braga a family turkey recipe that is typically American. The dish is usually prepared by the Consul to celebrate Thanksgiving and Christmas days. If you are looking for a special dish for your Christmas meal, here is the recipe. Ana Maria Braga loved it!  Mark’s video on Thanksgiving recipes.

Have a nice trip, and bon appetit!